Why choose a Moreland Cookers reconditioned Aga Cooker?


Moreland Cookers recognise what a great piece of engineering the Aga cooker is with simple yet efficient components. The Aga copker stores heat through the castings of the burner. This heat accumulates in the ovens and hotplates giving you instant cooking ability at any time of day.

Cooking with an Aga cooker is a pleasure, the hotplates maintain a constant temperature, one for boiling and one for simmering. Another great feature is the humidity control of the ovens so food can be kept warmer for longer without drying out or being soggy. The Aga cooker works on a 80-20 principle where 20 percent of cooking takes place on the hotplates and 80 percent happens in the ovens.


As an Aga cooker has dense and thermally efficient insulation fuel is used sparingly and the right amount of heat is released into the room just to give a comfortable ambient temperature.

Guaranteed for 12 months

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